Cinematic Presentation of RtN 2018


The cinematic presentation about the last workshop has been released and reflects on how we memorize the workshop nights of 2018 (s. here).

Night Semantics


Our LD workshop is launching a linguistic approach to lighting design to offer its participants a precious opportunity of training in visual semantics of night and of developing literacy of night ambience simulations. A recently published article in the magazine of our media partner LICHT (s. here) elaborates in more detail on this approach.

RtN Workshop Ambassador in Norway

HildeSofie 305

Hilde Sofie Olaisen has been appointed our Ambassador for Norway and will be at the disposal of candidate workshop participants and potential contributors (universities, municipalities, associations and other related institutions interested in night-friendly approaches to lighting design) from Norway.

5th LD Workshop Rethink the Night 2018 completed

RtN 2018 1141

 Photo credits: Marina Goranova (1),Myrto Skreta-Krikou (4,5),  Georgios Paissidis (2,3,6)


The 5th International LD Workshop has been completed with Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Norway, Lebanon, Mauritius, Korea and USA being represented by respective participants, wholeheartedly devoted to the design of a legendary nightscape.

The three subprojects, which have been accomplished in the surroundings of the unique cultural monument of the church of Virgin Mary in Makrinitsa (outskirts of the harbour of Volos) demonstrated the creativity potential of the respective three night-friendly lighting techniques, projections, phosphorescence and creative lighting control, in the hands of wholeheartedly devoted participants.

In all three projects the ambient illuminance has been kept below the full moon level according to respective recordings.


12 measurments GW 201 big blue 3

 Measurements & evaluation: Günther Wuchterl


Further documentation and relevant reports will appear soon in the issues of the involved media sponsors and a documentary movie, which will present the course of all creative activities of the workshop will be released in the beginning of 2019 when the venue of the next 6th workshop will have been selected.


5th LD Workshop before us


In consequence of 4 success stories the 5th LD Workshop is before us!

The 4th LD Workshop, in which 15 countries have been represented, has successfully finished. Hong Kong, Thailand and Iran have been this time the represented newcomers among our participants, extending the international range of the workshop to 25 countries, from the first workshop in 2014 until today. The next 5th workshop will take place from the 24th to the 28th September 2018 and is expected to capitalize a solidified educational experience over all past unforgettable years. We are grateful to all participants, sponsors and academic supporters, who have creatively contributed to the distinctive physiognomy of the workshop for the preservation of a genuine nightscape and ready to face new challenges with respect to the continuous development of a night friendly lighting culture. A report about the activities of the 4th workshop has been published in the magazine of our media partner LICHT here.

Our Participants are evolving to Stars

Anuj Gala and Carlijn Timmermans in the archaeological museum of Kea – October 2014


We are proud that two of our former participants (2014) Anuj Gala from India and Carlijn Timmermans from Netherlands, both graduates of the Lighting Design Master Course of the University of Wismar, have been nominated for the Award of the "Best Newcomer" (s. here). We will be glad to welcome them again to the Aegean island of Kea on the occasion of next workshops as experienced contributors.

Moreover, we are delighted about their contribution as speakers on the forthcoming "PLDC 2017",  the most eminent international event about the developments of our profession.

Darc Awards 2017 Shortlisted


Our International Lighting Design Workshop of 2016 is shortlisted for a Darc Award among 12 inspiring events (s. here).

Workshop 2016 - Report in MondoArc

A report about our last International LD Workshop has published on pages 124-126 of the issue 97 (April/May 2017) of MondoArc.

The movie about our recent workshop has been released


The short movie (see here) about our 3rd workshop provides an insight into the relevant creative activities and the implicated lighting design challenges faced by the participants. A relevant report has been published in the issue November/December 2016 of the magazine LICHT.

Workshop Ambassador in Jordan


Architect Saja Nashashibi from Amman/JO has been appointed as our Ambassador for Jordan and will be at the disposal of her fellow countrymen and the local universities, interested in participating in our workshop as supporting academic institutions, for further information about our LD Workshop. The further outlook is to celebrate the success of this new very promising cooperation with another series of LD workshops, to be held in Jordan. Meanwhile we certainly expect new fellows from Jordan in the next year.


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